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 Azoospermia or Male infertility or Nil Sperm

Male infertility due to Azoospermia, Oligospermia, Low sperm Count and Low motility are main cause of infertility. Azoospermia is called Absent of sperm or when there is no sperm in semen. This type of semen disorder is found in approximately 5% of infertile men i.e. absent sperm. You should know that testis has two separate functions.

Production of normal sperms in semen which needed for pregnancy & normal fertility.
The other function of testis is production of male hormones i.e. testosterone & others.

So in most patients with nil sperms though semen has absent sperms still produce the male hormones &  remains normal.

 Azoospermia Causes of Nil Sperms

The various causes of nil sperm are as follows :

Obstruction in the outflow of semen (Sperms) from testis to outside through urethral opening
Hormone deficiency of pituitary gland as L.H., F.S.H., Prolactin, thyroids hormone causes Azoospermia.
Maturation Arrest is also leads to Azoospermia( Spermatid arrest): of primary spermatocytes to secondary spermatocyte, spermatids or to mature spermatozoa.
Testicular disorders (primary leydig cell dysfunction), Chromosomal (Klinefelter syndrome and variants, XX male gonadal dysgenesis), Defects in androgen biosynthesis, Orchitis (mumps, HIV, other viral)
Varicocele (Grade 3 or more severe): A varicocele is a varicose vein in the cord that connects to the testicle..
Trauma leads to Male Infertility.
HGH Deficiency
Environmental toxins
Viral orchits
Granulomatous disease as tuberculosis, sarcoidosis of the testis
Neurological disease as myotonic dystrophy causes Azoospermia or Male infertility.
Development and structural defects, Germinal cell aplasia, sertoli cell only Androgen resistance
Mycoplasma infection also cauases to Azoospermia or Male infertility.
Defects associated with systemic diseases, Liver diseases, Renal failure, Sickle cell disease, Celiac disease usually leads to Azoospermia or Male infertility.

The above are the main causes that leads to Azoospermia or Male infertility.

 Azoospermia Diagnosis of Cause of Nil Sperm Count

For correct diagnosis of cause of nil sperm count and to cure Azoospermia, we need a detailed history & physical examination of the patient.
History & Physical Examinations: First step in proper treatment and cure of Azoospermia or Male Infertility  is accurate diagnosis of cause of NIL  sperm count.

 Azoospermia Investigation & Diagnosis:

For completes diagnosis of the causes of Azoospermia (NIL sperms) or Male Infertility, any one or more of the following tests may be required as:

Complete male hormone profile: This profile includes all the male hormone tests which affect testicular development, growth & other genital organ development as well as genital functions. L.H., F.S.H., Testosterone, prolactins, thyroids test.
Chromosome analysis i.e. Karyotype (chromosome analysis)
Molecular genetic studies done in some special cases
Antisperm antibody to cure Azoospermia
USG or Doppler study of scrotum & testis for Azoospermia treatment
Semen culture sensitivity to find out the cause of Male Infertility
Semen fructose for diagnosing Azoospermia
Genetic Studies to cure Azoospermia or to cure Males infertility
FNAC Testis to cure Azoospermia
Egg penetration test to cure male infertility
Assessment of androgen receptor to determine Azoospermia
Combined Pituitary hormone tests is performed when needed as Azoospermia Cure
Immunobead test for Male Infertility treatment or Azoospermia
MRI head, Hemogram, test for systemic diseases to diagnose Azoospermia
Factory test is done to cure & find out Kallman's Syndrome to determine Azoospermia or Male Infertility

 Azoospermia Treatment

Homeopathic medicines for Azoospermia Cure Homeopathy medicine free from hormones.
Homeopathy Medicine is effective for curing 95% in sperm abnormalities Azoospermia, Oligospermia ,Low Sperm count, Low Motility, Low Semen Quantity and Abnormal Sperm Cell Morphology it corrects the spermatogenesis.
Homeopathy medicine progress is fastest among all Male infertility treatment like Azoospermia treatment, increases sperm count fourfold with every month's treatment till optimum motility.
Homeopathic treatment is no effect or free from any side effect for Male Infertility or Azoospermia Treatment.
Under Homeopathy treatment for Azoospermia or Male Infertility while No Restriction for food restrictions. Only restriction is to avoid taking male hormones, as male hormone testosterone can block the good affect of this treatment. So, the patient should avoid taking any male hormones at least from one month prior to taking this treatment.
Due to homeopathy treatment fastest among all treatment, duration of treatment is 4 to 6 month only to cure Azoospermia or Male Infertility.

After taking Homeopathy medicines there will be a gradual improvement and cure from Azoospermia which will sustain for long time. Azoospermia or Male Infertility can be checked and the sperm count remains normal for 8 to 10 years or more after completion of treatment whereas in Hormonal Treatment count will be decreased once the patient stops to take hormone.

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