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In the current social life that is observed globally persons are deprived of a balanced diet which contains essential vitamins, minerals. Male infertility is total infertility out of 33% are responsible mainly cause. you may be surprised to know  that male infertility is almost as likely as female infertility to be involved in a couple’s inability to achieve pregnancy. Cause of male infertility like Oligospermia Treatment, Azoospermia, low sperm count, low motility, low volumes sperm count in semen analysis. Some time it’s may cause past injury on scrotum varicocele etc.

M ale factor infertility may result from Oligospermia treatment or low sperm count or low sperm motility, or decreased ability of the sperm to fertilize the egg or abnormal shape of sperms or lack of semen or inability of man to deposit the sperm into vagina due to erectile dysfunction. The main cause of male infertility is low sperm count. Others may be low sperm motility, low sperms volumes, lack of semen, presence of pus cells in semen & inability to deposit semen into vagina either due to absent ejaculation or due to any sexual dysfunctions as erectile dysfunctions. In general, most cases of male infertility are due to low sperm count. There are many biologic and environmental factors that can lead to low sperm count. Here is a list of conditions that may cause low sperm count in men. Please click the links for detail information about causes, investigations & treatment options.


Oligospermia Treatment| Low Sperm Count| Low Sperm Motility
Pus in Semen
Anti-Sperm Antibody
Less Semen Formation
Absent Ejaculation
Dead Sperms
Abnormal Sperms

Oligospermia defined as less umber of sperm in the ejaculate of the male or less than 20 million sperm per milliliter. Normal Sperm count:20 million/milliliter  to 120 million / milliliter Sperm count below 20 million/ml called Oligospermia

There are different types of male infertility factors consists of Oligoasthenoteratozoospermia, Polyzoospermia, and ligozoospermia, Oligospermie, Asthenozoospermia, Asthenospermia, Teratospermia, Asthenoteratozoospermia and Teratozoospermia.

Low sperm count is one cause of male infertility. A normal sperm count is 20 million or more per millimetre of semen. In order for conception to occur, a minimum of 60% of these sperm should have a normal shape (morphology) and normal forward movement (motility).


sperm production - such problems can be genetic based on a hormonal disorder
Disease and Testicular injury - injuries that affect the testicles may affect sperm production and cause low sperm count
nutrient deficiencies  and Malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies - deficiency of some nutrients (for example Zinc, Selenium, vitamin C, etc.) may also lead to low sperm count
Overheating - excessive heat from saunas, hot tubs, etc. may decrease sperm production and lower sperm count
Chain-Smoking - smoking cigarettes may impair male fertility since it is known to reduce sperm count and sperm lifespan
Indus Drugs - the use of cocaine and heavy marijuana is known to reduce sperm count by 50%
Excessive alcohol consumption - alcohol is toxic to sperm and may reduce sperm count and quality
Some Prescribed medications - many prescription medications are known to reduce sperm count and decrease fertility
Environmental toxins, radiation and heavy metals - a number of environmental factors, such as exposure to toxins or chemicals, can reduce sperm count either by affecting testicular function directly or by affecting the hormone system
Over- weight or Obesity - many studies find association between low sperm count and obesity in men
Stress and excessive physical or mental exertion - these can cause some hormonal changes in the body that can affect sperm count and fertility
Varicocele - it is not clear how exactly this condition causes infertility in men
Cricket and Bicycling - blood vessels and nerves may be damaged due to the pressure from the bike seat


There are a lot of things you can do to reduce the risk of low sperm count.

Take balanced diet, rich in vegetables and whole grains.
Do regularly Exercise
Avoid reducing stress.
Weight y control or reduced obesity.
Avoid smoke.
Reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption.
Don't use recreational drugs.
Ejaculate less often; maintain a gap of three days between ejaculations.
Avoid tight underwear, saunas, hot tubs and anything else that may increase the temperature of the testicles.

Maintaining a healthy weight, sticking to a healthy diet, avoiding alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs can all help you get your sperm count back to norm.

Other conditions Abnormalities in sperm

Sperm Abnormal Morphology
A human sperm show large variation in morphology, study on sperm obtained from post-coital cervical mucus have helped to define the morphology of an ideal spermatozoon.
Morphological study comprise of many factors like spermatogenesis, sperm transport, sperm maturation and ageing, time in seminal plasma, smearing technique, fixation, staining, mounting and the quality of microscope used.

Kruger Sperm Morphology and Sperm Surface Antisperm Antibodies
The presence of both IgG and IgA antisperm antibodies are measured on the sperm surface. The results are given in terms of the number of motile sperm affected by antisperm antibodies surface antibodies may affect both movement of the sperm and the ability of the sperm to bind to the oocyte results are clinically significant and positive if more than 50% of sperm are affected by either class of antibody. IgA antibodies are considered of greater clinical significance than IgG. Antisperm antibodies often are, but not always, associated with testicular surgery or trauma.

So we stressed on looking into alternative systems and find out solution to Increase Sperm Count, Motility and Volume, simultaneously Sperm Morphology comes normal with treatment. permatogenesis is corrected and all parameters of sperm analysis become normal with 7 to 9 month of treatment and remains normal for 8 to 10 year after completion of treatment.
Now Male Infertility Factor responsible in 30 % of infertile couple and in addition to this an additional 20% is contributing  male factor for infertility.  There are several advantages when the man and the women treated simultaneously, prevents more expenses behind unnecessary investigations and it also save time.

IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) indicated in Male Fertility Factor abnormalities prevented in so many cases, treatment also helpful in cervical problem with Female Fertility abnormalities.IUI and IVF prevention is possible in case when it is indicated because of male infertility.


Dr Harshad Raval In is 25 years homeopathy practice more than 15000 patients with above 95% success rate with medicine   male infertility like oligospermia treatment, low motility, less count, Low Semen Quantity and Abnormal Sperm Cell Morphology treated very successfully.

It is the fastest among all treatment. It raises sperm count fourfold with every month’s treatment till optimum count. So with low sperm count like 5 million per ml. to normal count of 40 million per ml. can be achieved within two months of treatment.

Defective Spermatogenesis, all Oligospermia treatment, low sperm count, sperm morphological abnormalities become normal after 4 to 6 month of treatment.
Homeopathic medicine are free from side effects, are sweet in taste and very easy to take. Fastest acting and safest mode of treatment available till today, absolutely no side effect of medicine. Effectiveness is tested in thousands of patients with more than 90 % of success rate.

Homeopathic medicine is safe, free from hormones, no side effect and restrictions. Homeopathy Treatment also clears hormonal imbalance Varicocele, other urological abnormalities.    
Homeopathy medicine is so effective and 90% successfully result in oligospermia treatment, Azoospermia treatment, low sperm count, low motility, low sperm volume and its also effective treatment in female infertility also. But as homeopathy treatment take some time to reestablished body hormone level and cure male and female infertility

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