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 Low Sperm Motility

Low Sperm Motility

Low sperm motility is one of the main causes of male infertility. Sperm motility refers to the strength and the endurance of sperm cells to swim towards the egg in order to fertilize it.

Normal sperm motility 40% or more of sperm are motile and mean sperm velocity is 20 (µm/s (micro meter / second)) or more. Semen motility subjectively majored and sperm progression was graded 0, 1+, 2+,3+ and 4+. Asthenospermia is defined as less than 40 % motility, frequently with subnormal sperm velocity.

Sperm motility is measured differently than sperm count.  Sperm motility is measured as a percentage of the sperm that are moving forward.  A sperm motility above 50% is considered normal.  Sperm motility between 0 and 50% is considered to be low sperm motility.

 Causes of Low Sperm Motility

Physically and Mental stress, frustrations in life, sensitive and more emotional nature its can cause stress less sperm motility and takes little more time to come normal with our treatment.   
While we don’t know exactly what foods will and won’t affect motility, eating a balanced diet can give you better health overall, which could certainly help with sperm motility.
Atmospheric cause young man working under overheating working in Higher  temperature Zone
Imbalance hormonal cause  like endocrine and urological disorder varicocele and chronic infections in urine>
Vitamin and nutrition deficiency; Zinc, selenium, vitamin c, bita-caratine consume less amount in daily food.
some Genetic Factors like Cystic fibrosis, Kartagener syndrome and Klinefelter syndrome

Overweight or obesity, Alcohol, smoking, side effect for steroid and other hormonal medicine, chemotherapy

 Nature way improved Low Sperm Motility

Eat foods rich in zinc. Low zinc levels in men affect sperm motility, sperm quality and sperm counts. Foods rich in zinc include seafood, liver, lean cuts of red meat, nuts and grains.
Take a vitamin E supplement. Vitamin E protects against free radicals, unstable molecules which damage sperm cells and cause them to become immotile.
Eat foods rich in selenium. Selenium scavenges free radicals and is used by the testes to make selenoproteins, a vital protein required in sperm formation. Well formed sperm are more likely to be motile than sperm with poor morphology. Foods rich in selenium include eggs, brewer's yeast, Brazil nuts, garlic and seafood.
Eat foods rich in L-carnitine. L-carnitine is an amino acid used in the production of sperm, and scientific studies have shown that men increasing their intake of the amino acid improved sperm motility and sperm quality over a period of 4 months. L-carnitine-rich foods include lean cuts of meat and dairy products.
Take herbs such as maca root and ginger. Both are non-toxic herbs which have been used by other cultures, for example in Traditional Chinese Medicine and South American Medicine, to improve male fertility.

Abnormal Sperm Density

A sperm count below 20 x 10^6 / ml should be considered clinically relevant, a count nearby 5 x 10^6 / ml count will increase with treatment.
Reduced sperm count is generally idiopathic. However it may be due to defective spermatogenesis or an incomplete obstruction.

Low sperm motility Homeopathic Treatment 

Homeopathic medicine is free from hormones.
Homeopathy Medicine is effective in 95% in sperm abnormalities i.e. Low Sperm count, Low Motility, Low Semen Quantity and Abnormal Sperm Cell Morphology it corrects the spermatogenesis.
Homeopathy medicine progress is fastest among all treatment, increases sperm count fourfold with every month's treatment till optimum motility.
Homeopathic treatment is free from homone and  free from side effect.
Under Homeopathy treatment while No Restriction for food restrictions. Only restriction is to avoid taking male hormones, as male hormone testosterone can block the good affect of this treatment. So, the patient should avoid taking any male hormones at least from one month prior to taking this treatment.
Due to homeopathy treatment fastest among all treatment, duration of treatment is 4 to 6 month only.

After homeopathy treatment drastically improving low sperm motility and sustain for long time. Sperm motility remains normal for 8 to 10 years or more after completion of treatment, where is in Hormonal treatment its become less after stopped to take hormone.
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