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A very low volume i.e. less than 0.5 ml may indicate a problem in producing the specimen (including missing the container), a dysfunction with the accessory glands or retrograde ejaculation. High semen volume but low sperm numbers no need of semen concentration our medicine will take care of this problem.

There are two type of seminal Volume like Low Seminal Volume - High Seminal Volume

Low Seminal Volume:
Normal Sperm Volume: 1.5 ml to 3ml.The semen volume is calculated abnormal when it is less than 1.5 ml.

Causes of Low Seminal Volume:
Evaluation for Retrograde ejaculation: Urine check up for the presence of retrograde ejaculation comes first, than Diabetes mellitus, Past History of Surgical Intervention in Urological system, specially for Bladder neck surgery, also check the previous prescription of alpha -adrenergic drug. These are the main reason for Low Sperm Volume.

High Seminal Volume:
Seminal Volume is more than 5 ml considered as High Seminal Volume; it should be done within 48 hour to 72 hour of abstinence. Other sperm parameter like sperm count, motility and morphology is normal than there is no need of treatment for high sperm volume.


Endocrine evaluation is as much important as semen analysis and should be performed along with semen analysis report.
Endocrine evaluation includes Serum levels of Follicle Stimulating Hormone FSH, Luteinizing Hormone LH, and testosterone T. Estrogen E2 or Prolactin PRL required in certain patient. FSH level reflects seminiferous activity   while LH level reflects Leyding cell activity, gynecomastia reflects high Serum Estrogen level. PRL levels are important when there is associate condition like galactorrhea, visuals disturbance, signs of renal failure, acromegaly and impotence.

Endocrine abnormalities reflects in semen analysis in male, semen analysis shows Oligospermia ( ejaculate sperm count less than 20 million /milliliter )  and / or Asthenospermia (  sperm motility poor, less than 40 % ) requires through examination of patient including past history and physical examination to find out causative factor like tobacco habits, substance abuse, occupational hazards, environmental factor, toxins, sexual history and genital examination for varicocele and testicular abnormalities.

High FSH along with high LH and low testosterone confirms failure of testicular function. Azoospermia with Leyding cell and Germinal cell failure found in patient.

FSH level normal with elevated level of Testosterone and Luteinizing Hormone LH reflects androgen insensitivity.
FSH level normal with normal level of Testosterone and Luteinizing Hormone LH is commonly seen in patient with male infertility.

FSH level low with normal level of Testosterone and Luteinizing Hormone LH found in few cases


Retrograde ejaculate means allowing semen to flow backward into the bladder and causing infertility, dark cloudy urine after ejaculation may be signs of this condition.

Retrograde semen causative factor are chemical messenger, injury or surgical procedure, Diabetes Mellitus, alpha blocker drugs like terazosin hydrochloride, tamsulosin hydrochloride, prazosin hydrochloride, disease that effect the nerve  and idiopathic causes.

An anatomical and physiological phenomena for normal ejaculation occur when there is contraction of the bulbar urethral and pelvic floor muscle simultaneously closure of the vesicle neck and coordinal relaxation of the external urinary sphincter is there.

Repeated semen analysis  reveals a semen volume less than 1 ml with macroscopically thin consistency and chemically an acid pH, zero sperm or very less number of sperm. Centrifuged sample of post ejaculate urine specimen microscopically shows numerous sperm. Semen analysis to be avoided when there is a state of sever anxiety with incomplete relaxation of the external urinary sphincter, abstinence period is short, bladder neck disease or bladder neck surgery. Sperm is absent in post ejaculate urine one should continue with routine systemic evaluation for male infertility factor.
Homeopathy medicine are so effective to improved volume, Balance endocrine hormone , Retrograde ejaculate  and maintain Abnormal  Ph level  of semen. Homeopathy medicine had no side effect,not hormone and  reestablish with in 6 to 9 month under treatment.

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